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The aim of the theoretical ATP(A) is to train pilots to the level of knowledge necessary to enable them to operate as co- pilot on multi-pilot multi-engine aeroplanes in commercial air transport and to obtain the CPL(A)/IR. It also provides the knowledge and the certification to pass an ATPL skill test to obtain an ATP licence when the minimum requirements of flying experience have been satisfied.

An applicant may be admitted to training if is an holder of, at least, a PPL(A) .
The applicant shall meet also the following requirements:

• have a good knowledge of the English language to obtain a level 4 of the aviation English TEA ;
• hold a class 1 or class 2 medical certificate;
• Knowledge of mathematics and physics at high school level.

The course is completed within an average between 18 to 24 months.

650 hours of classrooms. Classroom may also be done by using “video conference”. The theoretical training may also take place by using the distance learning methodology. The theoretical training covers the following subjects:
• Air law
• Aircraft general knowledge, systems and airframes
• Instrumentation
• Mass and balance
• Performance
• Flight planning and monitoring
• Human performance and limitation
• Meteorology
• General Navigation
• Radio Navigation
• Principles of Flight
• VFR Communications
• IFR Communications
• Area 100 KSA – Knowledge, Skills and Attitude
• Theoretical course may be carried out in distance learning.